Learn about my past experiences with management and general server staff. Please do not let this off-put you, I am dedicated to all these servers equally and devote as much time as I do to one than the rest. Rest assured, your sever will be in no form neglected if I was to take on a position

Periodic Network

I used to be an owner of Periodic, after we merged with my old server. The server got raided and we decided to shut it down.

Fallen Universe

I am a forum manager on Fallen Universe. My job is setting up, creating forum rules, and moderating the forums to the best of my abilities. I also manage the staff team's doings on the forums.

GC Network

I was a developer on a speedily growing network trying to compete with Hypixel. My jobs included looking over chats and helping any players with bugs or things they are confused by, along with running the development team. The network closed due to lack of funds.


I am currently a helper on this server which has a Castaway featured gamemode. My jobs feature helping players with their general needs.

Chroma Marketplace

I am an admin there, where I moderate chat and help people with their needs


I was a community manager on ArisePVP. I managed their whole discord and website, along with monitoring all users. I no longer work there due to the owner being homophobic.


I am currently a Trial Moderator for this plugin-creating community, with their whole own website where they offer their plugins.

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